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My last message got chewed by Delphi's incredibly poor response times,
so I need to make this message short. I am looking for materials with
which to build sleek, strong, and potentially scalable tensegrity
structures. Currently, I'm looking at combinations of aluminum tube
and heavy-weight fishing line;
| By all means avoid plastic material, since
it will exhibit plastic flow. Use metal or
string-like material.
some problems include the slipperyness
of fishing line &- fasteners
| Use what tackle shops provide for connections,
like spinner connectors for positive detailing.

(it is tough to tie fishing line into
fixed-length tension cables). One thing I'm looking for in particular
is something like a miniature 'drill-chuck' which can be used to grab an end of
a small line, and tightened via a
screw-on sleve.
|This is a bit more tricky. Check Harbor Freight in Californai
for information. Also, try to determine how cables are tensioned
for major structures. This may give hints as to how to do it for
your smaller scaled project. Sound like fun!

Readers of FIX might find this note familiar. I welcome all responses
and leads. Thanks!
Mitch C. Amiano
[email protected]
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