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On Sat, 15 Jan 1994, Cal wrote:

> The following was posted on PERFORM-L, a list dealing with performance
> art (NYU, Northwestern being the main centers).
> What's described seems yet another turn on the recent reproductions/
> originals/etc. debate. cal
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> Cal Pryluck, Radio-Television-Film, Temple University, Philadelphia
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> I thought this may be interest..
> -Lucia
> [email protected]
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> "Eternal Network: A Mail Art Anthology by Chuck Welch is to be published in
> Fall 1994 by University of Calgary Press. The 42 chapter, 350 page text
> includes an index, 147 illustrations and six major appendices including the
> largest extensive listing of underground mail art zines in existence. A
> thorough listing of nearly 100 international private and institutional mail
> art archives appears in another important appendice.
> But what is mail art? Mail art is a paradox in the way it reverses
> traditional definitions of art; the mailbox and computer replace the museum,
> the address becomes the art, and the mailman brings home the avant-garde to
> mail artists in the form of correspondence art, e-mail art, artistamps,
> postcards, conceptual projects, and collaborations. "Eternal Network
> introduces readers to a lively exchange with international mail art
> networkers from five continents. The book include snail mail and e-mail
> addresses, fax, and telephone numbers for
> many active mail artists. Readers are invited to participate -- to
> corresponDANCE with global village artists who quickstep beyond establishment
> boundaries of art.
> Among the forty-two distinguished contributors appearing in "Eternal Network"
> are New York City art critic Richard Kostelanetz; physicist, poet Bern
> Porter; Director of the Museum of Modern Art Library, Clive Phillpot; famed
> Fluxus artists Dick Higgins and Ken Friedman; University of Iowa art
> historian and archival director Estera Milman, and mail art patron Jean Brown
> who has collected the world's largest assemblage of mail art material now
> undergoing documentation at the Getty Center for the History of Art and the
> Humanities.
> Many of the forty-two chapters appearing in "Eternal Network" are original,
> unpublished essays pertaining to the origin and history of mail art
> networking, collaborative aesthetics, new directions for mail art networking
> in the 1990s, mail art projects exploring the interconnnection of marginal on
> and off-line networks, mail art criticism and dialogue, and finally,
> parables, visions, dances, dreams, and poems that articulate the living
> mythology of mail art.
> Edited by Chuck Welch, an active mail artist since 1978, "Eternal Network"
> makes an important first step towards introducing mail art to non-artists,
> artists, and academic scholars. For more information send e-mail to
> [email protected] or write to "Eternal Network" PO Box 978,
> Hanover, NH 03755
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