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From: Todd Sandrock <[email protected]>
Subject: Re: Architect fees
Date: 17 Jan 1994 17:34:06 GMT

In article <[email protected]> JOHN PARCIASEPE,
[email protected] writes:
>Can someone give me advise on typical fees charged by architects. We
>want to do some modifications to our home (convert our two car attached
>garage to a residence for my father, then add another two car garage).
>I had a few contractors come by however I doubt they can do what I want
>without a good set of plans. I then visited a local architect who
>impressed me with his equipment (CAD, Plotters, etc), but was shocked
>at his estimate of $3000.00.
>Is this a typical fee? His plans include all building plans,
>electrical and plumbing.
>John Parciasepe, (North, New Jersey)

The fee for small residential work (<100K CDN$), according to the fee
schedule in Ontario is (if memory serves) between 11.75% and 14% of
construction cost. This fee should cover:
+ design services
+ subconsultants (i.e. structural eng, if required)
+ estimates
+ preparation of tender docs and evaluation of bids
+ construction supervision (not of trades, but for payment certification)

Based on the the scope it sound as though you may be getting a bargain,
if all the above services are included.) Architects may also charge on an
hourly rate, or a fixed-fee. Architects will undercut the fee schedule,
however, i.e. there are deals to be found. Shop around and negotiate.

Most jurisdictions don't require an architect's involvement for house
design. You can save bucks by using a home design service as long as
they're reputable and you like their work. Architects don't make a lot of
money doing this type of work and will charge accordingly.

Good luck.

Todd Sandrock M.Arch
Northern Telecom Limited
Ottawa, Ontario
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