Re: Architechnophobes

Your comments about architects, in general, and their reluctance to embrace
electronic modes of communication struck me because of my recent
"conversion" to the internet. Although I suspect that your feelings may be
prejudiced in some fashion or another, what we librarians have discovered
is that the most valuable use of virtual communication is in ways that make
our work better, more efficient, and open to us vast worlds of information
that we never knew existed. It helps greatly that most libraries exist to
help people find information and are not competing against each other for a
dwindling number of customers.

I had very little contact with working architects. However, on the
academic side, the number of new internet sources of use to students
increases almost weekly. My hope is that they will certainly benefit from
exposure to cooperative sources of information. What I read on this list
has been a never ending source of stimulation and pleasure. It is only a
matter of a few years before architects currently working will also
discover this great opportunity to participate in a universal marketplace
of communication. It is up to those of us already "baptised" to spread the
good word, and insist that certain standards of open, free, and informed
discussion continue.


Robb Scholten
University of Tennessee
[email protected]
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