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From: [email protected] (Donald Nathan)
Subject: Re: Architect Software
Date: Wed, 19 Jan 1994 00:41:30 GMT

In a previous article, [email protected] (Geoff M Langdon) says:

>You are in luck now Eric. For the next 40 days one of the best programs
>professional architects work with - DataCAD - is on sale (from its usual
>$3000 price) there is the DataCAD Professional for $ 150, which includes
>the programming language, photorealistic renderer, and 17 meg of
>architectural symbols, which is the deal of the decade, but, for you, I
>would suggest the DataCAD starter, which, also only until Feb. 28th 1994
>will be only $49, which makes it cheaper than many of those "design your
>own home" type programs.
>You didn't say what hardware you are using. If you are using a
>Macintosh, let me know, I may have another suggestion.
>Geoff Langdon
>Professor of Architectural CADD

I use MiniCad, latest version, cost $800 CDN. Any suggestions for Mac Cad
programs, e.g. DataCad deal?
[email protected]
Don Nathan
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