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From: [email protected] (DAVID SINGER)
Subject: Re: Architect fees
Date: Tue, 18 Jan 1994 05:57:00 GMT

SA>In article <[email protected]> JOHN PARCIASEPE,
SA>[email protected] writes:
SA>>Can someone give me advise on typical fees charged by architects. We

Todd Sandrock M.Arch replied:

SA>design. You can save bucks by using a home design service as long as
SA>they're reputable and you like their work. Architects don't make a lot of
SA>money doing this type of work and will charge accordingly.

Hm, yes Todd is technically correct that an *architect* might not be
required, but for the construction you've outlined I'd bet a lunch that
you will need full set of plans with a signature and a seal from
*somebody* licensed in NJ. Ya can't just buy a book and rip out a page
and build it (as one might try with a canoe).

Todd and I agree that you could have a bargain here, and the reasons we
gave were cumulative, not at cross purposes.

But Todd has a point that a few more days shopping around might
latch a still better deal. For instance, there are lumber yards which
will assemble custom trusses and are willing to custom-draw the truss
prints on an in-house computer. Neat service, especially since they
modem the details to St. Louis where an engineer there (who holds a
license in the state where the construction is) eyeballs the result and
*smack* stamps and signs the plans and mails them back out. Plans and
trusses arrive at the site on the same truck. "Preliminaries" are
printed locally for the contractor to figure his labor and buy the
fasteners, maybe even arange for a crane if the delivery truck won't
have one. This little routine can cost less than in-stock trusses
at any of the brand-name discount houses! Not to mention it saved me a
heap of time when I broke down and tried it. Oh, and it was fun telling
somebody *else* what I wanted, and to flippantly change my mind...

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