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>On Wed, 19 Jan 1994 [email protected] wrote:

>> i am pretty new to this but have an interesting little story to tell:
>> i know some professors here at USC Architecture as well as some at SCI-ARC
>> that have been exchanging ideas and various text. i don't know how
>> interested in Email they are, but if someone is interested and will read
>> the stuff I'm sure they would be more than happy to input. No one really
>> famous, but that could be worked on.
>> Some people of interest:Marc Angelil, Michael Lehrer, Chris Jarret, Norman
>> Norman Millar, Ed Chang, Chris Genik
>> Sorry, no extremely famous architects but as was stated:
>> even within the academia, the Architects on the Net are not many.
>> You've got to start somewhere...
>> comments?

>Since your email-address was not a proper one ([email protected]) and I
>don't know your real name, I had to post this here, anyway:

>First - there will be a lecture series called "VIRTUAL CITY", held here in
>Houston from the beginning of March until April. Bruce Sterling and Howard
>Rheingold will be speaking as well as noted architects and thinkers (more
>on this later). I will be working to get all of the lectures made publicly
>available on the net.

>Second - I'd really like to see the architects you mention get on the net;
>at least get an email-account. Then we could start up an informal
>email list for discussing these matters. Although the best thing
>would be to meet, have seminars and so forth - that requires substantial
>financial support that would take time to get. I believe it would be a good
>idea if we could join forces on the net first, and with time try to arrange
>meetings and joint workshops.

>If you know other architects/students/faculty that are Net literate, it is
>important that you/they show the Net to the ones that don't know what it's
>about. I am slowly moving people at this college towards using the net, and
>tried to do the same thing when back at the Oslo School of Architecture in
>Norway. I'd really like to see Christian Norberg-Schulz exchanging email
>Kenneth Frampton, or posting to this newsgroup, but he doesn't seem to like
>computers that much...

>Also, it would be cool if you could arrange to have the texts you are
>mentioning available on USC's Gopher (I take it you have one). Try
>something like typing:


>on your terminal or get hold of the person who is responsible for the
>I am sure he would be interested in getting some text into the architecture
>part of it...
>This semester I will be working on a project at the College of Architecture

>at the University of Houston, making both a Gopher and a Web-server. Thus I
>am also interested in getting in contact with anybody else doing the same
>(like the LAVA group in Eindhoven and ArchiGopher at UMich).

>Last - what is important is getting a discussion going and ideas
>flowing here or via an email-list...maybe, after awhile somebody close to
>the 'big guys' can show them the good parts of communicating and doing
>research using netresources.

>Just a thought; if you know any students at SCI-ARCH with an email-address
>I would like to send them a note!

>Looking forward to hearing from you again!

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>College of Architecture - SICSA DESIGN-L AT PSUVM. Howard
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