Re: Get the architects on the net!

>Kim Baumann Larsen ([email protected]) wrote:
>: On Wed, 19 Jan 1994 [email protected] wrote:


>: Last - what is important is getting a discussion going and ideas
>: flowing here or via an email-list...maybe, after awhile somebody close to
>: the 'big guys' can show them the good parts of communicating and doing
>: research using netresources.

>I think the best approach would be NOT to use email list-servers. My mail-
>box is too full for additional lists. (And I'm sure others suffer from
>e-mail overload also). alt.architecture is a great public
>forum for exchanging ideas without the burden of un-wanted messages.
| On the other hand,
keeps those *really*
interested in art and
architecture very well
>Fred Gibson informed. It, also,
maintains LdBase files.
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