Public Space, in the New American City Competition.

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Subject: Public Space, in the New American City
From: [email protected] (CHOPPER)
Date: 20 Jan 94 01:54:05 -0500

We are attempting to put together an international team of architects,
artists, landscape architects, and other interested parties to put our
minds together and expand our experience by entering the competition
stated below. The purpose is quite simple. A more diverse group of
individuals and their skills, would provide a wider range of innovated
ideas. If you find interest in this competition, reply to the internet
address stated at the end of this statement, and we will provide you with
further information on our selecting process for this team, the
competition, prize money, and our goals with the competition.

Contact us by : February 5, 1994
Registration Deadline : February 25, 1994
Submissions Deadline : April 4, 1994
Competition Winners Announced : May 5, 1994



In the New American City, Atlanta 1996
a design competition for artists, architects, and landscape architects


Atlanta is a new City without a strong history of Public Space. It is a
paradigm for the development of the emerging American Metropolis.
Atlanta is less a city in the traditional sense, than it is a vital and
fragmented collection of infrastructure, transportation systems and
corporate imaging. This competition will explore the notion of public
space in this new city.

Several sites in Atlanta are designated as Olympic Design Competition
Areas. These public spaces will be locations for major art, landscape,
and architecture installations to be designed by competition
participants. Each installation site should explore the critical notion
of the nature and role of public space in the contemporary American
city. Strong consideration should be given to the context of Atlanta and
each individual site.

SITE A: Streetscape
SITE B: Double Overpass
SITE C: Exit 100/Off Ramp
SITE D: Parking Wall

This is an open, single stage, international design competition. All
architects, artists, landscape architects, students and other interested
parties are fully eligible for participation in this competition.

Cross discipline collaborations are strongly advocated by the competition

Students or student team participation is welcome. All students, student
teams, under faculty supervision or as individuals, are fully eligible to
compete. Individual faculty members may sponsor more than one
competition entry, however, each submission, individual or team, requires
a separate entry form and fee. No member of the Design Competition
Steering or Planning Committees, the Board of Sponsors of the
Architecture Society of Atlanta (ASA), the Corporation for Olympic
Development in Atlanta (CODA), or any design competition jury member may
enter this competition. All design competition processes will be
accomplished without regard to race, gender, creed, nationality, or
sexual orientation.

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