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From: [email protected] (Geoff M Langdon)
Subject: Re: Architect Software
Date: Sat, 22 Jan 1994 10:32:25 GMT

Donald Nathan ([email protected]) wrote:

: In a previous article, [email protected] (Geoff M Langdon) says:

: >You are in luck now Eric. For the next 40 days one of the best programs
: >professional architects work with - DataCAD - is on sale (from its usual
: >$3000 price) there is the DataCAD Professional for $ 150, which includes
: >the programming language, photorealistic renderer, and 17 meg of
: >architectural symbols, which is the deal of the decade, but, for you, I
: >would suggest the DataCAD starter, which, also only until Feb. 28th 1994
: >will be only $49, which makes it cheaper than many of those "design your
: >own home" type programs.
: >You didn't say what hardware you are using. If you are using a
: >Macintosh, let me know, I may have another suggestion.
: >Geoff Langdon
: >Professor of Architectural CADD
: >

: I use MiniCad, latest version, cost $800 CDN. Any suggestions for Mac Cad
: programs, e.g. DataCad deal?
: --
: [email protected]
: Don Nathan

No, I would suggest you stay with MiniCAD on the Mac. Right now there is
nothing to equal the unprecenedted deal CADKEY Inc. is giving away for
DataCAD, for do I anticipate any. I do have a lot of calls from
confirmed Macintosh people asking me how to get DataCAD running in DOS on
their Macs (which is what I do) just because of this deal. I have to
tell them that unless they have a Mac in the Mac 840AV class speed or a
DOS board with a math coprocessor (OrangeMicro486 works, Apple's DOS
board doesn't) then to forget it.
I have had a lot of questions also about WHY is CADKEY doing this !!!??
DataCAD is only for DOS (it will run under Windows) and some say it is
DataCADUs only problem. The real problem is AutoCAD, which has nowhere
near the ability of DataCAD in architecture, 3D modeling, rendering, ease
of use, etc. yet AutoCAD has such tremendous market share that many who
should use DataCAD do no even bother looking at AutoCADUs competition.
They have lowered the price of DataCAD to $495 from over $3000 as a
marketing move - believing DataCAD will be of use not just to architects
but to many professions that deal with buildings (interior design,
facilities management, contractors, builders, developers, etc) thus they
are going for volume.
The current special price of $150 is a virtual give away for the cost of
the disks and manual mainly to gain attention to DataCAD as a product and
to flood the market. They feel that once people at least SEE DataCAD,
they will realize it is better than AutoCAD even at the regular price.
The $45 version is limited to 256k file size (good for a small house)
The $99 version does not have the 17.5 megabytes of architectural symbols
(3D furniture, trees, people, etc.)
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