Re: Robie House

Hello Gustavo!

I saw your post on the architecture list and jsut wanted to say hello!

During the summer of 1992, I taught at the Universidad del Pontificia
for two months....I have good friends, Augusto and Rosanna de Tossi!

Maybe you could say hello to them for me if you know of them...They have the
manufacturing place and the mercantile stores....Rosanna was my interpreter,
although my spanish got pretty good and we all became good friends....

I teach graphic design and illustrationa dnw hile I was there I taught
computer graphics...I have many fond memories of Cuenca and hope to return

Anyway, just thougt I'd say hello, we just had 13 inches of snow and have been
snowed in our houses for a week!


[email protected]

Betsy Kurzinger
Department of Art&Design
Eastern Kentucky University
Richmond, KY 40475
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