Form Z vs AutoCad?

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From: W Darren Prouty <[email protected]>
Subject: Form Z vs AutoCad
Date: Sat, 22 Jan 1994 17:18:56 -0500

Wekll - our architecture Mac Lab just got in AutoCad 12, and still has
Form Z 2.3. My question is - which would you (the readers) recommend?

Obviously, AutoCad 12 far exceeds FormZ any day, but that is not the
basis of my question. What I really want to know is - should I invest
the time learning to use AutoCad or should I stick with Form Z? I
already know how to do damn near everything on Form Z I need to, and I
fear that learning AutoCad may be too time consuming at this point. Soon
I'll be at the stage where I need the 3-D models accessible NOW, and I
can get them into Form Z easily (already started). So how does AutoCad
compare in the 3-D modeling aspects? And how is it as far as learning
how to use it?


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