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From: [email protected] (Larry Boswell)
Subject: Re: Art and Architectural Subjects
Date: Sat, 22 Jan 1994 19:58:03 GMT

In a previous article, [email protected] () says:

>it right. I want open shelves (not glassed), of natural oak, but have had
>little success in finding photos that show typical designs, molding & trim
>of the era. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
What style of house is your Victorian? always looking for subjects,
can't resist it

Thanks for your suggestions. There is an excellent book which has
lots of data/illustrations of interior detailing of that era (though
not specifically bookcases--lots of trims and moldings etc).


trade distribution in North America:
Firefly Books Ltd.
3520 Pharmacy Avenue
Scarborough, Ontario, Canada

ISBN 0-9691019-5-3

it's a catalogue-type repro book from that era, but the detailing
is exact enough to allow one to recreate the illustrations.
Highly recommended for anyone who owns houses of that period.

There are also a few books out that show old photos of interiors
of Victorians, but can't remember titles off-hand. Will post
them in future if they come to mind.

Larry Boswell
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