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The following is a list of image sites that I know of so far. I'm
sure there are others abnd I'll try to update this list as I collect my
notes. This should keep a few art critters busy for a while.

Gallery Electric information can be obtained from [email protected]

Fine Art Online (Paul Brown's New letter) ftp

FTP 402.339.0179
FTP 415.472.5527

Library of Congress FTP ( /pub/vatican.exhibit
Here are some wonder jpeg files from the vatican collection. They have
jpeg viewer that you can download for either dos or mac.

Otis Project
FTP 141.314.4.135 projects/otis
FTP pub/multimedia/pictures/Otis

I would rececommend exploring the directories, not only for images,
but sounds, animations, and programs. Other sites can be found through
Gopher, a menu driven way to explore the internet for visual material.

I'll try to update this list as I hear of more places and then send it to the
list occasionally to update your information.

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