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Judy D Jacobson once might have wrote;
> I second Kenton's question on Mosaic....I know one can ftp Mosaic and
> associated software from a number of sites but I hear it is tricky to
> install and there are configuration and compatibility issues. Haven't
> tried it yet myself.
> My understanding is that Mosaic runs under Windows (and perhaps other
> operating system [?]) includes viewing and audio decompression
> software so one can approximate online multimedia on the Internet. I expect
> one might need a slip connection to use it (?). It is a WWW browsing
> tool... the wave of the future for Internet but still in development, I
> gather.

It does indeed require a SLIP connection. For use with Windows, you must
also have Ethernet in your system. It apparently makes cruising the
backwaters of the net a breeze -- although one problem is that you do not
necessarily know where the information that you pick up actually rests.

Michael Maranda
[email protected]
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