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From: [email protected] (Anthony Catsimatides)
Subject: Re: What's wrong with Architecture!
Date: 6 Mar 1994 18:32:43 GMT

[email protected] (Donald Brownlee) writes:
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> >I truly think that Architecture is obsolete. The world, every day, becomes
> >more and more mechanized and efficient. Engineering is what is in demand. No
> >one wants these architectural artists around to draw up pretty pictures that
> >only serve to masturbate the architects egos. Their designs are not

Have you ever visited NYC's upper east side were all the bridges are of
utilitarian steel and concrete and all the buildings are brick structural
nightmares? Get a grip, this structural nonsense went through it's
hayday and was proven to be about as human as robocop on acid.

If you're going to read LeCorbusier and Write, read between the lines, not
just the words... Next time you're in California, take a look at what engineers
have done to the landscape. Definately a far cry from inteligent integration
with the environment. Architects do need to wake up, but not the the nightmares
of engineering as was thought of in the past.

Take a look as some of the Space exploration programs that are in the process
of designing life in space stations. Without the design factor of ergonomics
and and aesthetic grace to make one feel comfortable, who would want to be
enclosed in a purely engineered non designed environment.

If you realy want to trip yourself out, head to Mexico's Gulf coast where all
the cars are striped down beaters americans sell to them. No interiors, no
padded seating, just pure engineering inside, the steel doors without the
'design of cloth', and no dashboards, just you and the glass and steel.

> >by anyone but themselves. Engineers make the world go around. It's all
> >math and logical thinking and not stupid abstract concepts about how light
> >hitting a dixie cup or some other stupid thing that generates ideas. Look at
> >idiots like Le Corbusier. What the hell was he thinking. His designs are
> >totally inapropriate. They cost too much too build and ended up failing.
> >Looking nice is one thing, but FUNCTIONING is another. You architects better
> >wake up and look at the world around you, The World of the Engineer.
> >
> >F. Grant
> >Engineer extraordinaire
> How light strikes a dixie cup affects the way people perceive the cup.
> Inappropriate, expensive, failed designs can be very informative.
> D. Brownlee
> Not an Architect
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