ART: Gallery Sansair, Vancouver, B.C.

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Gallery Sansair is open.
On Saturday, February 26th, 1994, Gallery Sansair opened its doors
with an exhibition of work by two Vancouver artists, Phillip McCrum and Hank
Bull. CRUM/BULL features two paintings, one by each artist, and emanates from
their desire to work with aspects of collaboration, comuuniation and
exchange. McCrum was making a painting, and, in verbal interactions with Bull
at parties and openings, described that work. Bull then executed his own
painting following an interpretation of those descriptions, but allowed the
inherent subservsion of collaboration to generate an original work.CRUM/BULL
will be on view until Wednesday, March 9th, 1994.
Gallery Sansair is on the fourth floor of 112 West Hastings Street,
Vancouver, BC. Tel: (604) 689-5408. Open Tuesday through Saturday from 2:00
to 5:00 pm, and other odd hours.
Gallery Sansair is a no profit, zero budget Artist Run Cupboard (ARC)
in downtown Vancouver, BC. Operated by artist Michael Christopher Lawlor, it
is attempting to use potentials of electronic communication capabilities made
available through computers and electronic networks. Avoiding postage
expenses, all information dissemination other than WOM (word of mouth) will
be through e-mail, BBS postings, and local area fax. At present, this means
that news about exhibitions and events is circulated around the world
instantly. Time will tell how effective this medium can be on a local level.

Proposals are welcome. (No submissions amongst peers, please.)
Contact; E-mail:<[email protected]>
Land mail: 2034 Franklin Street, Vancouver, BC V5L 1R3.
Telephone: (604) 689-5408.
To get on Sansair's mailing list, please forward your e-mail address or local
(Vancouver area) fax number.
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