Virtual Design Pavilion at A/E/C SYSTEMS'94 Show, DC, June 21-23

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From: [email protected] (Robert Jacobson)
Subject: Virtual Design Pavilion at A/E/C SYSTEMS'94 Show, DC, June 21-23
Date: 8 Mar 1994 08:26:14 GMT


Contact: Bob Jacobson For Immediate Release
Worldesign Inc. March 8, 1994


SEATTLE -- Worldesign Inc., a virtual worlds design studio and
product development company, has been selected to produce the
centerpiece exhibition for the new "Virtual Design Pavilion" at the
A/E/C SYSTEMS'94 conference and tradeshow, set for Washington, DC,
June 20-23, 1994. A/E/C SYSTEMS'94 is the preeminent annual
international computer show for the building industry and is expected
to draw over 30,000 attendees this year. The "Virtual Design
Pavilion," featuring new technologies for rapid design and
implementation of industrial, commercial, and residential
construction, will be open to attendees from June 21-23, 1994.

Invitations to experience the "Virtual Design Pavilion" have
been extended to Vice President Albert Gore, an early proponent of
virtual worlds technology when he was in the Senate; Presidential
Science Advisor John Gibbons; and other dignitaries including Members
of Congress and representatives of the Defense, Commerce, and other
executive departments.

For the A/E/C SYSTEMS'94 exhibition, Worldesign will implement
a Super Virtual Environment Theater <tm>, or SuperVET, a much enhanced
version of the VET currently located in Worldesign's Seattle studio
built for the Foxwoods Casino and demonstrated to potential clients in
October 1993. The SuperVET is an immersive virtual environment based
on video-projection and surround-sound technology, driven by powerful
networked workstations, in which virtual worlds called WorldSpace <tm>
are created.

Worldesign is now producing a virtual worlds model of the Port
of Seattle's Central Waterfront Development, a multimillion-dollar
expansion of the Seattle waterfront including a new Port headquarters,
cruise-ship berths, a pleasure-craft marina, hotels and office
buildings, and the Odyssey Maritime Museum. The Worldesign model will
be interactive and permit participants to explore current and future
renditions of the Central Waterfront Development. Features will
include both the buildings themselves and the phenomena associated
with development, including changing surface traffic patterns and the
effects of expansion on marine life.

The Harvard Graduate School of Design, with which Worldesign
is collaborating on other projects, may provide a model of the
Surgical Room of the Future, a design study funded by the Advanced
Research Projects Agency (ARPA), the Defense Department's high-tech
research arm.

Contributors to the exhibition include Sun Microsystems
(Mountain View, CA), ESRI Inc. (Redlands, CA, the leading GIS
manufacturer), Kintek Stereo (Boston, MA), the Port, and the City of
Seattle. Financial support to date has been provided by ARPA and by
Sun; other sponsors are expected in the coming weeks. A/E/C
SYSTEMS'94 organizer George Borkovich is arranging infrastructure for
the exhibition, which will be the first thing attendees see when they
register for the show.

Technology to be used for the exhibition is still being
evaluated. Sun workstations beefed up with third-party graphics
accelerator boards will provide a foundation for the presentation.

Worldesign, established in 1992 by Dr. Robert Jacobson, is a
spinoff of the Human Interface Technology Laboratory (HIT Lab), a unit
of the state Washington Technology Center on the campus of the
University of Washington, in Seattle. Jacobson co-founded the HIT Lab
and was its associate director for three years before starting
Worldesign. The firm, which has included among its clients the Evans
& Sutherland Computer Company, the Japan Research Institute (a
Sumitomo think-tank), and the Foxwoods Casino (America's most
profitable), specializes in the design of virtual worlds systems,
including the VET, for industrial and commercial applications,
including themed entertainment. Worldesign is now developing virtual
worlds-based presentation software for GIS (geographic information

In May 1993, Worldesign won the Meckler VR93 Award, the
virtual reality industry's "Oscar," for its work on the design of
virtual worlds summarized in its guidebook, _Designing Virtual

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