GENERAL: Interdisciplinary Conference on the Environment. Boston.

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Subj: Interdisciplinary Conference on the Environment

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Subject: Interdisciplinary Conference on the Environment
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Park Plaza Hotel and Towers
BOSTON, Massachusetts, USA, June 21-25, 1995


The Interdisciplinary Environmental Association (IEA) in conjunction
with Assumption College invites you to participate in the FIRST MAJOR

We take the initiative to organize this conference because of the
increasing need to combine ideas and research findings from different
disciplines to enhance our understanding of how nature works, and how the
interaction between the natural environment and human institutions are
globally interconnected. The conference is aimed at the layperson and it
FOCUSES on: (I) What do different disciplines have to offer with respect to
environmental and resource problems, their solutions, and the institutions
associated with them? (II) What are the implications of the globalization
of environmental concerns for all life on planet Earth?

The conference is open to all ideologies, political persuasions, and
academic as well as nonacademic disciplines. Participants may organize
sessions (please ask for "Session Organizer Guidelines"), present papers,
chair sessions, discuss papers, or simply observe.

To facilitate communication papers must be written at a layperson's level
and they will pass a peer review process prior to presentation and
publication in the Conference Proceedings. Awards will be given to
outstanding papers. With your help we hope to disseminate the Conference
Proceedings all over the world to libraries, legislators, governmental
agencies, and nongovernmental organizations.

The program will consist of small seminar - type sessions meeting
concurrently as follows: chairperson, three or four presenters, with at
least one discussant assigned to comment on each paper. (Other formats,
such as moderator and panelists, also might be used.) Time allocated for
each session is one hour and 45 minutes. Additionally, the program will
have one general session panel with invited speakers.

* To ORGANIZE SESSIONS please ask for "Session Organizer Guidelines".
Submission fees for one or two papers are waived for papers in organized

* To participate as a PRESENTER:
- Please, submit 3 copies of one or two papers before December 15, 1994;
- The submission fee is $20 per paper.
- Each manuscript should be accompanied by an abstract of no more than 100
- Manuscripts of more than 10 single-spaced pages will not be considered;
- Papers must not have been published, accepted, or submitted for
publication elsewhere;
- Because papers will be evaluated using a blind review process
authorship should be identified only on a removable cover page;
- The discipline that fits best your paper should be typed on the top
right corner of the cover page;
- For coauthorships please include names, affiliations, and addresses of
all authors on your cover page and indicate who will serve as paper
- Each participating coauthor must pay the conference registration fee;
- All papers presented in the conference will be published in the
Conference Proceedings. Instructions on style will be attached to the
acceptance letter;
- The title of your paper(s) is (are):



* If you wish to serve as a DISCUSSANT and a SESSION CHAIR please
indicate below the disciplines of your preference. "Session Chair and
Discussant Guidelines" as well as copies of the papers to be discussed
will be mailed to you as soon as the sessions are organized.



Last Name______________________________________________________

First Name and M.I.____________________________________________

Nickname for Badge_____________________________________________


Mailing Address________________________________________________


Telephone: Day (___)________________ , Night (___)__________________

Fax: (___)________________ , E-Mail: _______________________________


1. Registration
$230 x __ = ______

2. Student Registration (verification required)
$130 x __ = ______

3. Paper Submission Fee
$20 x__ = ______

4. After December 15, 1994 Add Late Fee
$50 x __ =______

5. Guest Fee
$50 x __ = ______

Total Amount Due = ______

Note: Registration fees include "guest speakers - awards" luncheon,
one copy of the Conference Proceedings, membership to the IEA,
and all other conference expenses.

___ My check is attached payable to IEA
(in U.S. dollars drawn on a U.S. bank).
___ Please charge my ___Visa or ___ MasterCard.

Credit Card Number______________________________Exp. Date___________

Authorized Signature________________________________________

Refunds: Individuals applying for program participation but not accepted
are eligible for fee refunds. Cancellations must be in writing and are
subject to a $20 handling fee. No refunds will be given for cancellations
after January 31, 1995. Refunds will be processed after conference.

HOTEL RESERVATION: Boston Park Plaza Hotel and Towers
* Housing in Boston is very limited. Please make reservations early!
__ Double or __ Single
* Special Conference Rate : $99 plus tax.
(Available until December 15, 1994).
* First night's deposit required with reservation.
* Check-in time: 2:00 pm, Check-out time: 12:00 pm.
* First night's deposit:
___ My check is attached payable to Park Plaza Hotel and Towers
(in U.S. dollars drawn on a U.S. bank).
___ Please charge my ___Visa or ___ MasterCard.

Credit Card Number______________________________Exp. Date___________

Authorized Signature________________________________________

For more information on housing please contact:
Park Plaza Hotel and Towers
64 Arlington Street, Boston
MA 02116-3912,
Tel: (617) 426-2000, Fax: (617) 423-1708
Reservations Tel: (800) 225-2008

For more information or for anything else you might need please
Mail, Call, Fax, or E-mail to:

Dr Demetri Kantarelis
IEA, Economics/Foreign Affairs Dept
Assumption College
500 Salisbury street
Worcester, MA 01615-0005, USA
Tel: (508) 752-5615 ext 557
Fax: (508) 799-4502
E-mail: [email protected]

Professor Kevin Hickey
IEA, Economics/Foreign Affairs Dept
Assumption College
500 Salisbury street
Worcester, MA 01615-0005, USA
Tel: (508) 752-5615 ext 296
Fax :(508) 799-4502

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