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>> I am looking for information regarding the architectural design of the
>> various structures involved at olympic sites. In particular, I am interested
>> in how such structures may be renovated or restructured to function as public
>> spaces after the olympic events have taken place. Given the immense cost and
>> planning placed into building such olympic cities, what sort of foresight on
>> part of the developers can improve the possibiliy of reusing these buildings
>> after the olympics. Any information/tips on books, magazines, etc. concerning
>> this would be greatly appreciated.
>I was watching the news recently and it was mentioned that the olympic
>village in Sarajevo was converted into apartments. You may be able to find
>some references in magazines that covered the olympics in Sarajevo. I
>belive they did the same thing in Albertville, France. I'm not sure though.
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The reusing of the infrastructure has been a vital issue at Lillehammer, too.
The press center will now be taken over by a school for Media, much of the
housing and offices were removeable and will be brought to other sites in
Norway. You may approach LOOC at Lillehammer, they cerrtainly have
information on this issue, fresh!


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