Re: Deconstruction: any examples?

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Subject: Re: Deconstruction: any examples?
Date: Fri, 11 Mar 1994 05:58:30 GMT

>> With all the talk about "deconstruction," I wonder if theres has been
>> anything actually built in such a "style" or "school?"....

>....Frank Gehry
>Loyola Law School, LA, CA
>1981-84, 1990

BTW, as a former student at Loyola Law School, a few comments. No one who
taught or learned there liked the architecture. There was a split on the
look of the thing. But how it actually worked was universally criticized.
We had AC, acoustic, light problems. The external staircases did what
they were supposed to though, moved the focus to the outside which was, if
nothing else, non-mundane. (Although my volleyball kept getting caught in
the Claes Oldenburg(?) 8-) )

Of course the semi-constant stream of architecture students was somewhat

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