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I'm only going by the name, but I wonder whether the members of this
list might possibly be interested in the following conference.

Howard Gaskill



First Announcement and Call for Papers
Seventh International Conference
12-15 July 1995
University of Edinburgh


There will be five sections; the areas listed for each section
serve as suggestions and are not meant to be exclusive.

Section 1 Labyrinths

Labyrinthine Texts. Narrative Metaphors:
Threads, Weaving, Building, Paths
Texts about Labyrinths. Mazes and Jungles
(Natural and Artificial)
Labyrinthine Minds. Psychoanalysis; Order and
Organization; Underworlds and Otherworlds

Section 2 Translation/Transplantation

Translation and Appropriation; Intertextuality
and Influence
Cultural Transfers: Meeting and Conflict,
History and Discourse
East and West/Europe and the
Americas/Ancient and Modern

Section 3 Culture and Civilization

Multitudes and Solitudes/Crowds and Individual
Experience and Experiment: Ways of Seeing the
City and Problems of Urban Form
The Urban and Urbane: the Poor and the Rich
Images and Realities/Visible and Invisible
Gender and Identity in City Space
Modernism, Postmodernism and the City

Section 4 Paradises

Paradises Lost, Sought, Regained; Retreats,
Illusions, Idylls
Paradises Constructed, Imagined, Fought for
Deceptive, Hollow paradises; Subjective Edens;
Innocence and Loss of Innocence

Section 5 Travel

Travel Writing as an Exploration (in Language)
of the Meeting or Conflict of Cultures
Discovery of City, Garden or Wilderness as a
Place of Otherness
Travel from `Centre' to `Periphery', or from
`Periphery' to `Centre'


Offers of Papers (including 300-word abstract) should be sent by the
end of June 1994 to the BCLA Secretary:

Dr Howard Gaskill, Department of German,
University of Edinburgh, David Hume Tower, George
Square, GB - Edinburgh EH8 9JX (tel. 031 650 3627;
Email [email protected])

BCLA members attending the Edinburgh Conference will receive a
discount equivalent to the cost of a year's membership.

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