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THEME: Pubs with name like 'Plough & Stars' -
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With reference to one response (copied below):

It appears we have collectively arrived at a surviving gateway to
the Celtic Mysteries. - Like a 'key' piece to some almost forgotten
giant jigsaw puzzle, this 'clue' survives. But is it 'remembered'
by the various publicans?

We are poised at the point of entry to the testing undertaken to
enlighten those newly individuating 'meaning-of-life-seekers' of
another time and circumstance, and are, like them, now faced with
a major life-decision: to either continue on with our former lives,
or take this exceptional opportunity to enter via one of these
deceptively small 'gateways-to-the-"Otherworld"' (which might be
familiar to some of us from the heroic tales and romances of Greece,
Britain, Eire, etc.).

In earlier times, the presence in the local environment of a
Mystery-school in certain areas would have been known to those
who undertook the role of Gatekeeper (publicans being ideal bearers
of this function, since they served also as host to travellers who
might be commencing an undertaking to explore / Quest for the year-
and-a-day of the solar Quest). Publicans of "Plough/Stars" Inns
might still be aware of the sites which their pubs occupy on the
borderland of the Schools of the Mysteries.

Those of you who find or have found these pubs, can ask the right
questions, at the right time of the right people, and do lots of

It poses the question:
Do these pubs survive as lost (forgotten) remnants, or as conscious
living links to/from the ancient Mysteries?

There may be a fraternity of publicans involved in the ancient mysteries
- especially if they emigrated to the US or elsewhere from somewhere
which celebrated those mysteries (eg. Eire, Britain, etc.)

If any of you are interested, we could assemble our own project to find
and analyze names of pubs, and other elements associated with the
Mysteries. You can send in any themes which arouse your curiousity, and
we can try to determine as much as possible in relation to the name.

This project could get very interesting. I will forward any related
queries or responses to or from Celtic-L, if they seem to warrant this.

Best wishes,
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> (The forwarded message was about a pub in Boston called the
> Plough & Stars. There is one in Berkeley called the Starry Plough.)
> Anelle Kloski, Oakland CA ([email protected])
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