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Subject: RE: Info on Medical Facilities Environments

>Someone was looking for help for their thesis on the impact of the environment
>in medical facilities on patient care. My thesis project dealt with similar
>concepts. I studied the non-visual factors that cause people to respond to
>built environment. I have been planning hospitals and medical facilities for
? ?
|Where? For whom? | What kind?

>the last fifteen years. You won't find many books on the specific subject of
>hospitals and environment. Look to environmental psychology. I also found
>much of the perception concepts of gestalt psychology useful.

>You'll have to search the magazines for real cutting edge info. Look at all
>the architecture mags but also Psychology Today, Spaces, etc.

>Short list of interesting books:
>Thermal Delight in Architecture (Heschong);
>Personal Space (Sommar); Public Spaces and Private Spaces (Mehrabian); Body,
>Memeory & Architecture (Bloomer & Moore);
>Environmental Psychology (Proshansky et al.)
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