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This announcement has come to my attention. I know very little about the
project, but addresses and phone numbers of contacts are included.
Do Enjoy!
Chris Fearnley [email protected]



What promises to be a program of interest to scientists and science
lovers is scheduled for presentation at the University City Science
Center in Philadelphia from May 18, 1994 through June 30, 1994. The
five-fold symmetry exhibit of Arthur Loeb's Harvard students will be
featured in the exhibit hall. There will be a one-day symposium on May
23 featuring such authorities as Dr. Richard Smalley of Rice University,
co-discoverer of the C-60 molecule, which he dubbed
Buckminsterfullerene; Dr. Arthur L. Loeb, head of the Department of
Visual and Environmental Studies at Harvard University; and Arthur C.
Clarke, noted author, will speak via satellite from his residence in Sri


Bucky Basics David Koski, Fuller Scholar

R.B. Fuller's original T module as a five fold building block
will be presented by David Koski, a Fuller scholar. Koski is
the first person to have modularized Buckminsterfullerene.

Five Fold Symmetry Dr. A. Loeb, Harvard University

Dr. Arthur L. Loeb will lecture on five fold symmetry. His 3-D
science class at Harvard University will present examples of
fractals, quasi-crystals, chaos and Buckminsterfullerene as part
of the art-in-science display at the Science Center's Klein

Fountains of Paradise Arthur C. Clarke, Author

A discussion with Arthur C. Clarke about the recent discovery
of Buckytubes and their application to Clarke's Earth-to-space
elevator concept. The space shuttle Atlantis recently
performed experiments on this concept. The topic's title is
taken from Clarke's book _Fountains of Paradise_. The Atlantis
crew carried the book into orbit and upon their return sent the
autographed copy to Clarke. This helped lead to NASA's
request to Clark to participate in the July 8th joint
Japanese-American flight of the Space Suttle Columbia. The
flight is hoped to have on-board a soccar-ball with C-60 in it
and an experiment involving the processing of Buckytubes.
During the flight it is hoped there will be a live conversation
with Clarke; meanwhile, the World Cup will come to its
conclusion on Earth. The upshot all this is for people to make
a connection between science and sport via the relationship
between the soccar ball and the molecule.

Fullerenes Dr. Richard Smalley, Rice University

A general discussion of the carbon molecule will be conducted by
Dr. Richard Smalley, the discoverer and namer of the

Chemistry of the Buckyballs Dr. George Kenyon, Univ. of Ca., S.F.
Dr. Fred Wudl, Univ. of Ca., S.B.

Dr. Kenyon and Dr. Wudl will conduct a symposium on the
Fullerenes exciting advances in combating the AIDS virus and
other diseases.

Science Kick: C-60 and the William G. Reach, Science Kick, Inc.
World Cup Connection

Part of the conference's outreach, this activity will involve
youths in a program designed to show the connection between the
C-60 molecule and its structural resemblance to the soccer ball
in conjunction with the World Cup Soccer Championships to be held
in the U.S. in 1994. The University of Pennsylvania will
provide C-60.


This project is being organized by the University City Science
Center (UCSC), a non-profit corporation established in 1963.
UCSC stands at the interface of academia and industry and has
extensive networks in both arenas. The mission of the Science
Center is to promote the application of scientific and technical
knowledge to improve the quality of life and to serve as a
science and technology based economic development force.


Although the speakers mentioned above are confirmed, we still
need donations to get matching funds and make it a reality.
Send donations and inquiries to the address below:

Robert Krutsick
University City Science Center
3624 Market Street
Philadelphia PA 19104

For further information contact Bill Reach at the following address:

Science Kick, Inc.
420 S 19th ST, APT 15B
Philadelphia PA 19146
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