Re: Deconstruction: any examples?

> > Bryan L. Bowen ([email protected]) wrote: (at least I think it was
Bowen: it's hard to tell when the messages are nested)

> > : Check out Bernard Tschumi's "Park de Violette" (or something like that)
> > : in Paris.
> >
> > In what sense is it 'deconstructivist?'

> Tschumi. The geometry of the park is derived from the most basic shapes
> laid out on a grid, but broken up and rearranged to create highly
> unorthodox relationships both between and within the elements.The
> relationships give the park a disquieting sense of instability. The

I will go take a look at this park; a friend of mine praised it highly.
But your description hits on precisely what I find inappropriate about
'DeCon' which is the 'disquieting sense of instability.' There is enough
INSTABILITY in the world without us creating more. Now of course I haven't
actually experienced any DeCon environments, so I may think that, upon
personal observation, a little DeCon stuff here and there is just a nice
variation, like a FEW raisins in oatmeal. It may be that DeCon provides
just a little bit of theme-park antics so that we don't take ourselves so

But it's interesting that the feelings that this writer describes as being
provoked by the Parc is a 'disquieting sense of instability.' Odd thing
for a park to do. I'll go see it and so suspend judgement on the actual
work; but I can drive around Seattle and get much the same feelings of
disquiet and instability right now! ;-)

David Sucher
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