Re: UC Berkeley (was re: School Accreditation)

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From: W Darren Prouty <[email protected]>
Subject: Re: UC Berkeley (was re: School Accreditation)
Date: Thu, 17 Mar 1994 15:31:24 -0500

Excerpts from netnews.alt.architecture: 17-Mar-94 UC Berkeley (was re:
School.. by P. [email protected]
> W Darren Prouty ([email protected]) wrote:
> : do they look for? And why did Berkeley lose theirs and will they (or
> : have they) get it back soon?
> Is this true? Can anyone tell me if UC Berkeley really lost their
> accreditation? I'm planning to apply there for my MArch, and so far nobody
> ever told me about this. I always thought that accreditation process is
> just a formality, but I guess I was wrong.

Ok guys - here's my scoop in full.
I had heard (roughly 2 yrs ago) that Berekely lost their accred. and
hadn't heard anything contrary to that fact. However, I never saw it in
writing, it was just something that all my friends seemed to know about.
When I posted thjat last message, I got a nasty letter from someone at
Berkeley stating that I was wrong, and that he had been there for 4 or 5
years and hadn't heard anything about it.
HOWEVER, someone else from another school confirmed my rumor, so I

I'm sorry if I started a nasty net rumor, I apologize. Will someone
please clear all this up for me? Any admin. readers at Berkeley???

- Darren
- (constantly in hot water)
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