Re: AIA discussion

Based on the Subject title, there is an apparent confusion between licensure
and membership in the AIA. Licensure and AIA membership are not necessarily
connected. Membership in the AIA is not entirely dependent on licensure.
Semantics is quite important understanding the meaning of licensure and
membership in the AIA. Howard

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From: [email protected] (MsMarie)
Subject: Re: AIA discussion
Date: 18 Mar 1994 11:17:06 -0500

Yes, yes, yes----you are all correct(sadly).

Liscensing can and is used to control competition. For example, there has been
a great deal of effort expended around the US to obtain liscensing status for
interior designers. Both sides are fighting hard, seemingly to use the laws to
carve out and fix markets. I believe that this is a wasted effort for both
parties--the resources expended fighting could be more effectively used to
develope the skills of individual practicioners. Provide the best product or
service and a liscense is uneccessary(for turf protection).

However, public safety, health and welfare concerns are real--and a valid
reason for regulation. Unfortunately, the registration process is not
rigorous enough, or monitoring careful enough to obtain an appropriate level of
public protection.

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