Re: AIA discussion

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From: [email protected] (Marc L. Stober)
Subject: Re: AIA discussion
Date: 21 Mar 1994 22:59:27 GMT

I can agree with the liscensing of architect for public safety reasons.
Building must not fall on thier occupants, proper fire exits are
required, and so forth.

However, a major component of liscensing in a degree in architecture.
Most schools teach design, not public safety. Having an architecture
degree doesn't neccesarily mean you can build a safe, structurally sound
building, it means you are able to consider issues of function and

The current system of liscensing, therefore, does serve as a "guild,"
where only architects who can fit into the profession as it stands are
admitted. A less stringent liscensing system would be appropriate, in my

Marc Louis Stober
Washington University in St. Louis
[email protected]
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