Best Design of 1993(Time)

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From: [email protected] (Michael Cullen)
Subject: Best Design of 1993(Time)
Date: Mon, 21 Mar 1994 22:19:54 GMT

I finally got around to reading those back dated subscriptions of TIME
lying around my house. I'm almost done with finals week (1 exam left) and I
thought I'd share this with you from the Jan. 3rd issue of TIME.

1) James Ingo Freed: U.S. Holocaust Memorial- " is a craftsmanlike,
thoughtful and powerfullly disturbing hybrid of both.." ( Disneylandeqsue
Auschwith-land and pious abstraction)
2) Frank Gehry: Weisman Art Museum- "Like Frank Lloyd Wright, Gehry, seems
to become fresher as he ages." ..."the exterior can be seen as a tough ,
gleefully manic work of Cubist sculpture or as a giant brushed stainless
steel popcorn kernel..."
3) Davids Killory: Daybreak Grove- " a tiny but splendid attempt in the San
Diego exurb of Escondido to give a few impoverished families homes, all the
more heartening." .."..this is a lively and dignified piece of tightly
woven architecture."
4) Antoine Predock: Modernist villa in Highland Park- "Set on a steep
forested site in a neighborhood of conventionally swanky Texas mansions,
the new house is a not quite severe of limestone, concrete and black steel,
simultaneously grave and jazzy." This is a MUST SEE. It appears in the
March 1994 issue of Architectural Digest. Two of the best features of the
house is the ramp pointing to the sky and an exterior giant mirrorized
steel plate.
5) Kent Larson: Louis Kahn's Hurva Synagogue- Thanks to cyberspace the
architects final work lives on. It was not completed because of his death.
The 20 digitized "views" are eerily real.
6)Douglas Green :ETA furniture- "ETA stands for easy to assemble and it is,
since Green, a Maine based designer- craftsman, has conceived, refined and
started manufacturing the Arts and Craftsy pieces himself. They come in
kits and are made of solid cherrywood, not veneer. The componet timbers are
precisely slotted and notched to fit without nails, screws or glue." It is
what IKEA should be.
7)James Stewart Polshek: Ed Sullivan Theater renovation- ".. a modern TV
infrastructure had to be implanted without seriously disturbing any of the
splendid 1927 shell. For all that, the total cost was still probably less
than Letterman earns in a year."
8)Spencer Associates: Coldwater Ridge Visitor Services Center- ".. a
spectacular glass covered grand hall, from which one can gawk at acres of
ash, lava beds, charred cedar stumps and eight miles away, the still active
Mt. St. Helens."
9) Massimo Marozzi: Alessi bottle opener- "Perhaps inspired by a mental
picture of infantilized men sucking on beer bottles as they watch football
on TV, Morozzi used the baby rattle as a model."
10) Roz Chast: "Mad about" CD covers- Cartoonist Chast painted the album
covers for Deutsche Grammophon's mad about series of classical music
reissues. "..a possible explanation of why CDs are exactly the size of

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