ftp: architectural design application

On Thu, 17 Mar 1994 15:06:22 +0800 Michelle Forster wrote:
>Dear Networkers,
>Can anyone help me locate (approximately) an architectural application (by
>ftp) >which will allow me to input my requirements, aesthetic tastes and
>envirmonmental >information regarding the design of a home, in layperson's
>terms, and will output >design options? Specifically, I would hope it would
>take into account such factors as, >eg, geographical info, available
>materials, climate info, population density, and so on. >Is there such a

Am I right in assuming that, because I have received no information as a
result of this request, I was being wildly optimistic in expecting that
such software might be found *somewhere* on the net? Surely such software
is not beyond our technological capabilities? (even if it is beyond
mine!). I hope this repeat airing of my request does not irritate too many
subscribers - I am genuinely interested.

Michelle Forster
[email protected]
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