DeCON on specific Bld. (was Re: ARCHITECTURE: Image Files Avail...)

On Fri, 25 Mar 1994, Raymond Lauzzana wrote:

> I think that we should analyse this need to digitize images rathjer than
> condi/considering the process of analysing specific works. Why mot
> make
> references to paper copies in books, They are a wonderful resource.
> One of the fundamental points of reconcstruction through deconstruction
> is READ!!!!! Quit wasting time scanning and violating copyrights!

Sure Ray. We can do it that way, too. I was simply suggesting that it
might be more convenient for very many people to be able to retrieve the
image by screen. But if you'd prefer not, that's fine too.

The ball is in your court. Pick a building, specify the image so that all
can see it/retrieve it etc and then go ahead and analyze the building from
a deconstructivist point of view. I believe that you stated that the power
of deconstructivist analaysis can be most clearly seen when applied to a
specific building. You started on the White House and what you said was
interesting. Please continue.

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