Re: DeCON on specific Bld. (was Re: ARCHITECTURE: Image Files Avail...)

On Sat, 26 Mar 1994, Raymond Lauzzana wrote:

> Its time to respond with your interpretations as well, David.
> I've identified a few absences in the White House
> - Black, the "Yellow Room", Space missing in the left wing, anything open on
> second floor.
> There is also a displaced room "the family dining room" which is in the
> middle of the public area.
> Its your turn to look at a plan/facade/photo/whatever and find something
> missing.

Perhaps there is some confusion here.

I'M not doing the decon interpretation--I thought YOU are.:-)

You know I'm very skeptical of the whole thing i.e. decon as a serious
intellectual tool, not interpretation. So don't look to me for a decon
analysis!! ;-) I'm the skeptic!

I'll listen very carefully (and I really believe open-mindedly) to a Decon
analysis but I can't be the one to do it.


PS I'm gone for the next week to do field research, so there's no rush on
my end with the analysis. Enjoy the spring!! :-)
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