Design Village, CalPoly SLO

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From: [email protected] (Philip Diaz)
Subject: Design Village, CalPoly SLO
Date: Thu, 24 Mar 94 01:03:02 PST

Next month CalPoly San Luis Obispo (California) will host their annual
"Design Village" design conference and competition. For three days,
students from schools in California (and perhaps a few from out of state)
will construct and live in structures in the hills above the school's
campus. Last year's conference was a lot of fun.

Registration materials and design requirements have already been sent out
to individual schools. I was wondering if anyone here will be attending.
I wanted to see if anyone had any comments on the guiding philosophies
that the Design Village organizing team down at CalPoly put together, as
they seem to be kind of hokey in some respects.

[email protected] (Philip Diaz)
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