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> >Folks -
> >
> >I run the computer center at a community college. A student in our
> >Architectural Technology department is doing a research paper on liability
> >issues associated with an architect using software. If a design error
> >occurs, under what circumstances is the architect liable, and when, if ever,
> >is the software vendor liable? She's asked me for help.
> >
> >This is not my field, but I did promise her to try to use the magic of
> >Internet to find help. Can anyone on this list advise us on where to look?
> >Do any of you have either experiences or strong feelings on the subject that
> >you would be willing to share? Anything to get us off ground zero would be
> >appreciated.
> >
> > TIA,
> > John S. Mays
> > Onondaga Community College
> > Syracuse, New York 13215
> To answer part of the question, no software company puts their stamp on a
> drawing set, so they would have no liability whatsoever, that would be like
> suing the pencil manufacturer. Even in the case of analysis software, I
> believe that it is up to the designer to confirm the results, either based
> on experience or an external consultant's report.
> In terms of the architect's liabilty, it really depends on the case. Design
> being a rather nebulous term, it allows the courts to sort out the issue.
> Hope this helps.
> Dwayne Sandall
> Advanced Visualization Laboratory
> Faculty of Architecture
> University of Manitoba, Canada
> (204)474-6963 (fax)275-7198

Dwayne -

Thanks for your response. That's what I suspected.

I'm copying the original message, and your response, and am sending this
reply to the list, because I'm hoping you and/or some other subscriber to
the list may know of something relevant available via ftp. Or, perhaps
there's a journal article or a text that I could recommend to the student.

Perhaps there is a paper or a case study in an archive. If anyone has
suggestions, I'd love to hear them.

- John
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