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Creating Environments for Tourism: Architecture, Engineering, Resort
Hotel & Convention Administration International Conference

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
October 3-6, 1994

The conference will be organized around three sub-themes: The
Architecture: Design and Planning of Tourist Facilities; Engineering:
Technical Innovation and Entertainment Technology; and Tourism
Development: Economics, Marketing and Management. The conference will
focus upon tourism development as a major economic activity -- the
largest single source of income in the world's foreign trade and for some
countries, the most important export industry and earner of monetary
exchanges. The sessions will be centered on questions such as: Can
places maintain their attractiveness despite increasing crowds of
visitors? Does success depend on establishing a balance between local,
national, and cultural resources and design in hotels, resorts and theme
parks? What happens when waterside resorts result in high-rise buildings
that threaten scenic ambiance or adversely affect the environment?

Professionals and scholars from all relevant disciplines are invited to
submit a 500-word abstract specifying session topic, and accompanied by a
brief curriculum vitae. Deadline for receipt of abstracts is May 15,

Send inquiries to: Environments for Tourism Conference, University of
Nevada, Las Vegas, Box 456023, Las Vegas, NV 89154-6023, USA.
Telephone: 702-895-3031, 702-895-1331, 702-895-3865. Fax: 702-895-1119,
702-895-3936, 702-895-4870.
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