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Subject: Re: ratings of architecture schools
From: [email protected] (P7A77 (aka Steamed Rhubarb Fondue))
Date: 1 Apr 94 11:51:05 -0500

In article <[email protected]>, Todd Sandrock <[email protected]> writes:
> But above, we've just been given...a list.
> *sigh* These 'Top' college lists just don't mean a heck of a lot, yet
> *somebody* seems to put a lot of stock in them...

Hear hear!

I go to Miami University (*NOT* University of Miami, dammit!)... I've only seen
Miami on *one* list of "top" schools, and most of the firms I talked to when
applying to college didn't even think we were an "official" school for
Architecture. (Well, actually, it's an undergrad Environmental Design program,
which qualifies you to go to graduate Architecture school (which we have one of
as well)). Also, we don't seem to be well respected (at least not with
"sister" schools (U. of Cincinnati, Ball State, etc).

HOWEVER, I wouldn't go anywhere else. From people I've talked to at other
schools, they start with the "how" (drafting, structures, etc) right away, and
learn the "why" (reasons, ideas, & beliefs behind a design) through that. We
spend almost a year and a half teaching primarily the "why", and *then* start
on the "how". We're taught how to think first. Most of our first-year courses
aren't even in architecture, but in philosophy. [This isn't to say we don't
get into *any* "how" right away. There is a 2 credit hour drafting/graphics
course taught the first two semesters.]

I also wouldn't go anywhere else because of the environment here. From talking
with people at Ball State (and correct me if this is wrong), it's very
competitive there. Your work is your work. Your supplies are your supplies.
When you're done drawing/designing for the night, you lock up your drawings,
else someone sabotages them or "borrows" the ideas. Miami is by no means a
socialist atmosphere, but we have a friendship within the department. We're
always willing to give an opinion (or hear one), lend out anything from a
pencil to a $70 pen set, etc. It's a very friendly, open environment. We
still all have our own designs, and we don't let anyone blatantly tell us what
to do, but it's a better place to work in.

There are a thousand other reasons why I prefer Miami, but I won't get into
that right now. The point is that these are *my* reasons. Nobody else's.
Some people might prefer a cut-throat attitude for schooling. These types of
things can't be ranked. When deciding where to go, look at more than the lists
and brocures. *GO* to the schools. Talk with people in the department. Talk
with students there. Go to the school that has what you want because, quite
frankly, your schooling is for *you*.

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