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A research team in the University of California at Berkeley recently
developed an urban growth simulation model called California Urban Future Model.
The model is based on real situation of environment, land use, and urban/
regional policies. The model is designed to simulate how these policies will
affect future urban growth pattern. It is much like SimCity because they both
addressed the interrelatedness and complexity of the urban system. However,
it is more realistic than SimCity becasue it used real data, and had real
players(local government officials).

Several policy simulations that were incorporated in the model are:

* what kind of growth pattern we will see if there is a
major transportation improvement, such as a new transit
line or new highway
* what will happen if strict law is passed on developments
related to agricultural land
* How much urban infill is appropriate if we want to balance
growth and land consumption

The study area is the San Francisco Bay Area. The model runs by
each county. Meetings with planning officials of each county were taken in
the course of building the model in order to make realistic assumptions and
simulations. I am sure this team is well aware of "The Politics of City
Planning Simulations"

For more infomation about the California Urban Future Model, please
contact the Institute of Urban and Regional Development, UC Berkeley.

Ming Zhao
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