ART: Gibbs and Kolgen Installation. Camerawork, London.

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Heaven & Earth
an installation by Michael Gibbs and Claudia Kolgen

13th April - 1 4th May 1994

Working around the issue of whether the sublime has been replaced by the
sensational, Gibbs and Kolgen have produced a new installation focussing on
bungee jumping - the new consumer experience that has been identified to
stimulate our desire to be on the 'dangerous edge'. During the early days of
cinema the rollercoaster was seen as a collective experience similar to that of
the audience experiencing the runaway train in a Buster Keaton movie. Now bungee
jumping, it seems, is replacing this as the individual experience of jumping
into the void which is aligned with immersing oneself in computer games and
'virtual realities'.
Perception of reality is becoming increasingly indistinct and the world is seen
as something 'out there' To go beyond the self, beyond the boundaries of the
body, to become weightless is to disappear into and merge with 'out there'.
Bungee jumping is the authorisation of complete abandonment of control over the
body. The digitized images in Heaven and Earth have already been freed from
their referents through image manipulation. These materialised figures are
already 'dead and arisen in advance', frozen into a motionless insubstantiality.
There is no solid ground or support in the images, just the flicker of a screen:
reality at a distance and invested with artificial vitality.
Although heaven cannot be found on earth, there is the desire for an ideal
situation, for a moment of intensity or impossible happiness. Through their
powerful and 'unreal' imagery, Gibbs and Kolgen allude to the desire to escape
and ultimately transcend earthly spatio-temporal coordinates.

For further details and press prints contact Helen Sloan on +44 (0)81 980 6256.

Gallery open: Tuesday - Saturday 1 00 - 6 00pm

Thanks to: Mondrian Foundation. Royal Netherlands Embassy. JVC TV, Silicon
Graphics Ltd. Capi Image Factory
Organised in collaboration with Street Level. Glasgow

Camerawork 121 Roman Road, Bethnal Green, London E2 OQN UK
Telephone +44 (0)81-980 6256.
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