ART: Global FAX Art Event. London. Submissions Requested.

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for immediate communication

Fax No: +44 21 693 6655
Jurgis Lugas & Peter Fletcher

A global installation exploring the creative potential of the fax machine
Friday 6th - Saturday 14th May 1994

(021) 693 6655 will take the form of an 'exhibition' of faxes sent to a machine
installed at The Custard Factory as part of the Birmingham Readers and Writers
Festival. Whilst a small number of invitations are being sent to
potentialfaxeurs, everyone is invited to send a fax, and the work of scientists,
housewives, corporate executives and critics will all take an equal place in the
exhibition. Visitors to the site will therefore experience an Information Market
of global transmission on an unprecedented scale and have a unique opportunity
to comment on and participate in the exhibition as it unfolds. The theme of the
event is New Technology and Creative Expression, but the precise content of each
fax is left to the individual contributor.

As they arrive faxes will be exhibited - without regard to out-moded judgements
as to their 'artistic' merit - in an exciting fusion of cultural involvement.
The fax number will be widely publicised in the media, festival brochure, and on
leaflets and posters produced to promote the event. Participants will be freely
encouraged to pass on the number, thereby extending the.scope of the exhibition
as more and more networks are introduced. Woven into its structure will be a
series of interactive 'games' wherein contributors will be faxed with additional
material, setting up a dynamic two-way process. At the end of the festival, a
representative sample of the contributions will be bound together, along with
supporting material, to form a catalogue of the exhibition.

Cultural discrimination and physical constraints are being destroyed by
contemporary technology, as applications such as fax machines have made instant
global transmission of text and images a reality. (021) 693 6655 is designed to
break free of the elitist boundaries that encircle aesthetic production, and
allow everyone to give vent to their creative urges. The exhibition is therefore
less about 'Art' than a democratization of culture and the adoption of
technology for positive human interaction, demonstrating that the fax machine
can be used to establish new forms of communication, and not simply the
transmission of mundane data.

Equipment for this project has been provided by Canon and Birmingham Cable
Communications, whose commitment to research and development places them at the
cutting edge of the information revolution.

So often exhibitions and other art events merely hand down predetermined
artifacts for the consumption of a dumb populace. (021) 693 6655, however, is a
genuinely participatory project~ the progress - and ultlmate success - of which
depends entirely upon the faxes received from the general public.
Leading proponents of the burgeoninq "virus culture", Lugas and Fletcher
declare: "We are determined to redefine the middle ground of High Culture. Art
now exists everywhere: on fax machines, in supermarkets, at football matches. It
is up to everyone to seize this unique opportunity to make beautiful that which
was once considered mundane." Fax in your reviews of this unique event so that
they may take their place alongside the work of those upon whom you normally
pass judgement.

The Custard Factory
Gibb Street
B9 4AA
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