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> Anyone with similar information related to databases for art or architecture
> should feel free to inform this list. Thanks. Howard

Here is a new source of info. which might be of interest:

According to Mary Molinaro <[email protected]> ArtSource, a gathering
place for networked information about art, is now a reality in 2 forms.
Both an ftp site and a Mosaic server have been established.

The ftp site now has 2 projects loaded on it. The first is the full-
text of a bibliography by Lesley Bell entitled "Gaining Access to
Visual Information." Lesley recently received the Gerd
Muehsam Award for this work. A set of documents was
provided by Julie Melby at the Whitney and includes an
Exhibition Schedule, a Chronology of the Whitney, lists of
performances, staff, and traveling exhibitions.

The ftp address is in the directory
pub/artsource. Directions for ftp'ing are at the end of this

The second part of ArtSource is the Mosaic server. I am really
excited about this phase. This will make all of the resources
available by pointing and clicking. For the visually-oriented this
is a real plus! To access the home page you must have the Mosaic
client running on your machine (available from The URL for ArtSource is:

Included on this server are pointers to discipline specific
resources (such as the Ceramics gopher), bibliographies, museum
information, art and architecture gopher sites, image collections,
electronic exhibitions (the images automatically load on your
screen), and eletronic journals on art. Everything that is
available on the ArtSource ftp site is also available using Mosaic.

I hope you have the opportunity to take a look at this project.
Please remember that it is under construction. Several people
have contacted me about loading material. I have talked to
people from both ARLIS and from CAA about having folders (or
home pages) for both organizations.

I want to thank everyone who has contacted me with
encouraging words! If you have comments about this service, please
contact me directly bacause I am not a member of this list.

Mary Molinaro
University of Kentucky
[email protected]


To ftp the information do the following:

Login: anonymous
Type your e-mail address as the password
cd pub/artsource

There is a directory for bibliographies and a directory for whitney.
You will type cd and either bibliographies or whitney to get into
those directories. To receive the files you will type get filename
and the file will transfer. Remember that this is a unix machine
and IS case sensitive. quit will end the ftp session. Typing cd ..
(that's a space between the cd and the 2 dots) will move you up a
directory level and dir will list the files.

Good luck - if you have trouble, consult an expert or get a book!
Hope some of you finde this source useful.

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