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Subject: Re: Looking for architectural sound sculpture

>I am an architecture grad student at Columbia currently working on a design
>for a music library for Lincoln Center. I am looking for examples of sound
>sculpture installations (large scale) in an architectural setting.
>Thanks in advance.
>Please reply either by posting to this newsgroup, or, preferably to email:

>[email protected]

I have noticed various responses to your request on the NetNews BBS posting.
They are related to physical designs. They are good. However, music is sound,
and an architecture of music might not be physical in the sense of these
responses. I would recommend contacting Marcos Novak, U. of Texas, Austin
about his interesting analogues connecting music and virtual architecture.
Use the REVIEW command when addressing LISTSERV AT PSUVM to determine his
e-mail address on the DESIGN-L AT PSUVM. While you are at it, why not join
our friendly list of designers? Welcome. Thanks. Howard
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