ART: LA Metrolink Train Station Project Request.

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Subject: Request for help with Project
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I am helping Buzz Spector with his Los Angeles Metro Link Train Station
installation and soliciting your help with the collection of "life
stories." These can be anywhere from one phrase to one sentence to
one page to one hundred pages, representative of your personal
experiences as a reflection of urban society/the human condition
(specifically with ties to the Los Angeles community). I believe
the following statement, written by Buzz, will help to clarify what
exactly he is looking for.


My proposal for the Crenshaw Station of the Metro Green Line
features a ceramic tile "mural" to cover the walls of the Crenshaw
Boulevard underpass. This mural is a colorful abstract arrangement
of tiles into which brief "stories" solicited from interested
citizens will be incorporated.

Commuter transportation systems are not just means of moving people
and reducing environmental pollution. They are metaphors of the
cultural and spiritual links between peoples. The Metrorail system
will run through a number of communities whose differences of race,
language, and heritage reflect the diversity upon which 21st
century Los Angeles will be built.

This diversity is a matter of social fact, but it shouldn't obscure
the vital similarities that connect separate lives. Everyone has
a life story, and indeed, every life is full of stories. The
narratives we remember and tell each other are examples of how our
beliefs and values help us to make sense of life.

The Green Line's Crenshaw Station is an intersection where many
individual lives come together for the common purpose of urban
transport. The stories of the people to be served by this station
are the thread of viewpoints from which the future of the region
will be woven.


If you have any questions or would like to participate in this
project, please email your story (feel free to write in your native
tongue) to the address below:

Thanking you in advance,
Kimberly Santini (for Buzz Spector)
[email protected]
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