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I take my cue for the difference between modernism and postmodernism
from Rosalind Krauss and her essay "The Originality of the Avant Garde".
A key passage: "Now, if the very notion of the avant-garde can be seen as
a function of the discourse of originality, the actual practice of vanguard
art tends to reveal that originality is a working assumption that itself
emerges from a ground of repetition and recurrence." Postmodernism, then,
is seen as that practice which separates itself from the avant-garde notion
of originality, which in Krauss' mind is inseparable from stereotyped
notions of the beautiful, typified in the traditional conception of
the landscape. In other words, another blind alley which does not
exhaust the meaning of the modernist project but reduces it to its
most general characteristics, leaving what is unique about it unexamined.
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