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Date: 5 Apr 1994 20:40:26 GMT

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>>> As long as we're on the topic of Undergard and Grad programs,
>>> where are the most notable PhD programs in Architecture?
>correct me if I'm wrong, but U Mich has PhD in architecture, which I am
>if anyone else know other PhD programs, let us know...

You bet, Michigan has a PhD program that has four specialty areas:
(1) Design Process and Methods (Including Computer-Aided Design)
(2) History and Theories of Architecture
(3) Environment and Building Behavior
(4) Building Technology

You have to declare a Major in one of the above and a Minor
in either one of the remaining three or a disicpline from another
department at the University. (In my case: I majored in Design Process and
Methods and minored in Distributed Artificial Intelligence)

1. Coursework (approx. 40 credits)
2. Research Practicum.
3. Qualifying Exams (Major, Minor, Integrative, Oral interview)
4. Dissertation Proposal.
5. Dissertation. (Yeah, you have to do this one too ;^)
6. Lots of money or, if you are lucky, hard work as a TA/RA :-)

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