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From: [email protected] (Seppo K. Niiranen)
Subject: Linkage Architecture Program.HUT.FI
Date: 7 Apr 1994 15:40:20 GMT

The Linkage Architecture Program

The Linkage Architecture Program is an international architecture program
at the Faculty of Architecture of the Helsinki University of Technology.
The program is meant for bachelor-level architects or advanced-level
students of architecture. The program concentrates on architectural, urban
and landscape design. It may be taken as an one-semester or a full academic
year course.

The language of instruction of the program is English. There are special
linkage courses which are lectured entirely in English, and in addition,
tutoring in English is given on regular design courses generally taught in

The Linkage Architecture Program aims at promoting international exchange
and cooperation within the fields of architectural, urban, and landscape
design. It combines different architectural cultures and movements in an
educational and social environment of a strong professional tradition. The
execution and the practical arrangements of the program are the
responsibility of the Faculty of Architecture.

The Faculty of Architecture

The Faculty of Architecture has the following chairs:

% Public Building Design
% Building Technology
% History of Architecture
% Urban Design and Planning
% Housing Design
% Basics of Architecture
% Landscape Architecture

The permanent faculty consists of 11 professors and associate professors,
10 design instructors, research fellows and laboratory architects and 15
office staff members. There are also several additional teachers. The
Faculty has about 600 undergraduate and 50 postgraduate students. The
annual admission is 60 degree students and approximately 20 foreign
students. Facilities include a library, photography and video
laboratories, CAD, workshops for art, woodwork and metalwork.

The degree studies at the Faculty lead directly to the Master of
Architecture degree. Bachelor-level degrees are not offered. Postgraduate
studies offer the degrees of Licenciate and Doctor in Technology.


The Linkage Architecture Program is flexible both in duration and content.
An individual study programme is made for each student combining both
design and lecture courses.
The Linkage courses offer various subjects and different forms of learning
and design. Theoretical subjects, seminars, workshops and design courses
are included in the programme. The courses aim to benefit from the fact
that the student group consists of both finns and foreigners. Special
Linkage Architecture Program courses are for example: Contemporary Finnish
Architecture, History of Finnish Architecture, Wooden Architecture,
Interplay of Cultures, and Architecture and Landscape. The themes of the
courses may vary from year to year.
Many courses of the regular study programme are also available for Linkage
students with tutoring in English. Each year there are also courses
lectured in English in the regular program, some of these being studios.
Design courses are offered in all the main subjects: public building,
housing, urban planning and landscape architecture. You may also take
courses in history of architecture, building technology and basics of
All courses are valued in credits, each credit corresponding to 40 hours of
work. During the program, the student is recommended to take 15 - 20
credit units per term, with a maximum of two design courses simultaneously.
A certificate is awarded upon succesful completion of the program. The
program is planned as a supplement to the studies of architecture in the
students own university. To ensure that the study credits earned at HUT
will be accounted for in your university, please discuss the matter with
your own professor.

Architecture using natural materials - wood, clay, stone. History of
conservati-on and renova-tion of timber structu-res, old wooden towns and
churches in Finland, Fin-nish nature and the traditional wooden cultural
lands-ca-pe, building types, the ideology of wooden architec-ture today.
Design for a small wooden building or an extension or renovation of an old
wooden building.

History of Finnish Architecture
The special features of Finnish architecture, its relationship to
landscape, resources and history. Intensive period in the autumn and
spring. Possible to take both autumn and spring periods. The spring period
is part of the series of lectures in SFinnish Society and CultureS.
Lectures, excursions in and around Helsinki, and an essay.

Contemporary Finnish Architecture
A series of lectures, seminars and excursions. Finnish architects give
lectures about their design and planning ideas. The task is to analyse one
design or to make a profile of one contemporary Finnish architect.

Interplay of Cultures
A series of lectures and optional seminars, workshops and design courses.
The interchange of ideas and styles in architecture: cultural interplay,
minor cultures, high and low cultures, Americanisation, cultural dimensions
of architecture. Foreign influ-en-ces on Finnish archi-tec-ture. Finnish
archi-tects abroad.
1. Architecture and Theory.
Aims: to examine architecture through alien theories and strategies; to
connect alien media to architecture; to present new and optional ways to
interpret space or place; to establish English as communication language
through intensive working methods.
2. Design from the cultural point of view.
Aims: to examine culture as a starting point for the design; to establish
an appropriate method of design while facing the multicultural realities;
to deal with practicing architecture in a foreign culture, eg. in
developing countries.

Architecture and Landscape

The Finnish landscape and urban design, an introduction to the Finnish
environment. Examples of contemporary landscape and urban design.
2-3 small exercises with artistic goals.


Courses offered for Linkage students are written in bold letters. Other
courses may also be taken upon agreement with teachers. The study program
is subject to changes. You may get more information on specific courses
upon request. In the list, the courses are presented with code, number of
credits and course name.


A-27.100 6 History of Architecture, basic course
A-27.200 4+6 Architecture in Finland and Scandinavia
A-27.210 3+3 History of Modern Architecture
A-27.220 2-4 History of Architecture, special topics
A-27.231 3 Art History
A-27.242 4 Renovation of Traditional Structures
A-27.301 8-10 History of Architecture, research course
A-27.302 8-10 Building Conservation
A-27.340 3 History of Garden Design
A-27.500 2-10 Wooden Architecture
A-27.510 1-3 History of Finnish Architecture
A-27.998 2-10 History of Architecture, special project


A-8.201 4 Public Buildings 1, lectures
A-8.202 6 Public Buildings 1, design course
A-8.210 2 Seminar of Public Building Design
A-8.211 2 Design of Industrial Buildings and Work Environment, lectures
A-8.212 7 Design of Industrial Buildings and Work Environment, design
A-8.304 10 Public Buildings 2, design course
A-8.305 10 Public Buildings 3, design course
A-8.330 2-5 Acoustics
A-8.998 1-10 Public Buildings, special project


A-52.201 3+1 Housing Design 1, lectures and seminars
A-52.202 6 Housing Design 1, design course
A-52.210 3-5 Advanced Course in Housing Design
A-52.211 2+6 Health Care Facilities Design
A-52.300 2-4 Advanced Housing Design, special topics (competition)
A-52.303 6-8 Housing Design 2
A-52.313 8 Housing for Special Groups
A-52.998 2-10 Housing Design, special project


A-36.135 2 Basic Sociology
A-36.150 3+3 Urban Design and Planning, basic course
A-36.151 3 History of Town Planning
A-36.200 8 Detailed Planning 1
A-36.204 3 Planning Techniques 1, for students of engineering
A-36.207 3 Municipal Planning, basic course
A-36.216 2-6 Urban Design and Planning, special topics
A-36.240 2+3 Applied Sociology
A-36.255 3 Regional and District Planning, seminars and lectures
A-36.256 3 Regional and District Planning, design course
A-36.261 2 Urban Planning Economy
A-36.310 6-8 Master Planning
A-36.311 6-8 Master Planning, for students of surveying
A-36.312 4+4 Planning Techniques, for students of civil engineering
A-36.312 2 Design and Planning Methodology
A-36.346 6-8 Detailed Planning 2
A-36.348 4+4 Planning Techniques 2, for students of engineering
A-36.353 2 Urban Design and Planning Theories
A-36.998 2-10 Urban Design and Planning, special project


A-60.101 10 Architecture 1, Basic Design
A-60.103 5 Architecture 2, Basic Design
A-60.105 2 Introduction to Studies in Architecture and Landscape
A-60.110 1-4 Basics of Architecture, special topics 1
A-60.132 4 Sculpture
A-60.137 4 Visual Arts 1
A-60.140 2+2 Architectural Photography
A-60.204 10 Architecture 3, Basic Design, lectures, design course
A-60.210 1-4 Basics of Architecture, special topics 2
A-60.216 3 Interior Design
A-60.238 5 Visual Arts 2
A-60.300 3 Architectural Theory, lectures and seminar
A-60.303 5-7 Architectural Research
A-60.304 5-7 Basics of Architecture, advanced course
A-60.310 1-6 Basics of Architecture, special topics 3
A-60.520 1-3 Contemporary Finnish Architecture
A-60.530 1-12 Interplay of Cultures
A-60.998 1-10 Basics of Architecture, special project


A-9.112 6 Building Technology 1, basic course
A-9.119 5 Building Technology 2, basic course
A-9.202 10 Working Drawings and Building Specification
A-9.210 2-6 Building Technology, special topics I
A-9.211 2-6 Building Technology, special topics II
A-9.212 2-6 Ecological Design
A-9.301 8-10 Project Management
A-9.309 8-10 Renovation of Buildings
A-9.998 2-10 Building Technology, special project


A-9.127 4 Civil Engineering, basic course
A-9.140 2 Basics of Computer Aided Design, lectures
A-9.142 2-3 Basics of Computer Aided Design, excercises
A-9.144 2-3 Architectural Computer Aided Design
A-9.249 2,5 Introduction to Structural Design
A-9.250 4 Building Structures
A-9.251 3 Special Aspects in Structural Design
A-9.351 1-3 Building Structures, special project


MA-94.121 2 Introduction to Landscape Ecology
MA-94.123 10 Landscape Ecology
MA-94.125 1 Introduction to Studio Work
MA-94.127 4 Fundamentals of Forestry
MA-94.129 2 Cultural Landscape
MA-94.131 2 Landscape Research
MA-94.133 2-4 Landscape Architecture, special topics
MA-94.211 6 Basics of Landscape Architecture
MA-94.213 4 Parks and Gardens 1
MA-94.215 5 Parks and Gardens 2
MA-94.217 3 Landscape Construction
MA-94.219 2 Plants in Design 1
MA-94.221 2 Plants in Design 2
MA-94.223 3 Landscape Planning 1
MA-94.225 3 Landscape Planning 2
MA-94.227 3 Open Space Planning
MA-94.229 1-10 Studio Option in Landscape Design 1, subject studies
MA-94.331 1-10 Studio Option in Landscape Planning 1, subject studies
MA-94.333 1-10 Studio Option in Landscape Design 2, advanced studies
MA-94.335 1-10 Studio Option in Landscape Planning 2, advanced studies
MA-94.500 2-10 Architecture and Landscape (2-10)
MA-94.998 1-10 Landscape Architecture, special project


Helsinki University of Technology is located in Otaniemi in the city of
Espoo. Otaniemi is situated 10 km west from the centre of Helsinki. HUT
moved to Otaniemi from the centre of Helsinki some 30 years ago. The
master plan of the Otaniemi area, as well as many buildings of the
University, were designed by Alvar Aalto.
In Otaniemi are located the University, student dormitories, facilities of
the Student Union, research institutes of the Finnish state etc. There is
also a sports hall, a hotel, a chapel and a small shopping center with a
bank, a post office, a pharmacy, a hairdresser, and two grocery stores.
The Tapiola Rgarden cityS with more services is about 2 km from Otaniemi.
The city of Helsinki, with all the services of a capital, is within 20
minutesU reach by public transportation.
The Faculty of Architecture has studio and workshop space also at the old
Cable Factory in Helsinki.


The fall term begins September 1st and ends December 20th. The spring
term begins January 15th and ends May 31st. There is an one-week
examination period in the beginning and end of every term. The dates are
approximate, and may vary slightly from year to year. The participants are
expected to arrive in Finland in the beginning of the term.

The Linkage Architecture Program is meant for Bachelor-level architects and
advanced-level students of architecture. Since educational systems vary
considerably in different countries, the organizers do not want to apply
strict admission rules. Each applicant is treated individually. To enter
the program, you should have a B.Arch., BSc. in Architecture or equivalent
degree, or at least two years professional studies in a recognized school
of Architecture. Practical experience will be taken into account as
additional credit. A portfolio of creative work is required. The
recommended age of students is between 21 and 30 years. A good command of
the English language is necessary to ensure the successful completion of
the program.


The tuition fee is FIM 12 500 per term and FIM 25 000 per full academic
year. In addition to the tuition fees, the Program is funded by the
University and the Finnish Ministry of Education. You are expected to
cover your own travel, living and study expenses.
You are responsible for making your own arrangements for financial support
to cover fees and costs for the full duration of your Linkage Program. On
average, a studentUs expenses at HUT in 1992/93 were expected to be FIM
4000 per month if accommodation was in a dormitory.
Through the Student Union at HUT, every student is enrolled in the Finnish
studentUs health care system, and is entitled to inexpensive medical and
dental care. The health care fee is included in the Student Union fee,
appr. FIM 400 per year.
Helsinki University of Technology does not offer any grants or


Accommodation for the participants of the Linkage Architecture Program will
be arranged in the student dormitories on campus at Otaniemi. Students
wishing to lodge elsewhere should arrange their own housing. Accommodation
for families cannot be guaranteed.


All inquiries and applications concerning the Linkage Program should be
addressed to:
Linkage co-ordinator
Linkage Architecture Program
Helsinki University of Technology
Otakaari 1 X

tel. +358 0 451 4410
fax +358 0 451 3960 telex 125 161 htkk sf

The application forms should reach the university by MARCH 31.
Decisions concerning admission will be made within two months after which
all applicants will be informed.

Don't email me, I'm just working here. Use addresses above.

Seppo K. Niiranen
Architect / Photographer
email [email protected]
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