Re: Am I dreaming?

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From: [email protected] (M.J. Sulis)
Subject: Re: Am I dreaming?
Date: 8 Apr 1994 15:27:36 GMT

[email protected] writes:

>Hello. I'm just arriving at this newsgroup. I like to see pictures of modern,
>beautifull skyscrapers, buildings. Someting that is furturistic, yet not
>awkward. I like the works of I.M Pei of Bank of China, etc. Does this mean I
>have a talent in architecture? I often dream of living in the cities whose
>building is plan and ordered. Can you suggest me a book that many picture of
>modern building architecture?

There's a professor on the faculty here (university of illinois architecture)
who is very knowledgable on current japanese architecture.
If you like I.M. Pei, I suggest you look into other japanese architects,
there are many others who would remind you enough of I.M. Pei to interest
you, but also a lot of varied styles.
The professor here has written two books on currenmt japanese architecture,
the first being called (i think) "japanese architecture" and the second
being called "the new japanese architecture". His name is Botand Bognar.

The books are fantastic, and will provide you with some in depth reading
to supplement your picture viewing. Try to find them, I think you'll
enjoy them.

| M.J. Sulis [email protected] |
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