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My colleagues and I have been working on just such a research project on an off
(but more off lately). The systems are called Archie/AskArchie/ArchieTutor
(here referred to as Archie*), and are intended to assist an architect in
designing office buildings. The user tells Archie* about the current design
situation by specifying some of the design features. These features can
describe the organization (type of work, amount of travel, information systems
usage), constraints on the building (high or low cost), etc. Using an AI
technique known as case-based reasoning (CBR) Archie* then retrieves a set of
past design cases that most closely match the current design situation. Archie*
also contains knowledge about models and rules relevant to architectural design.

The programs are currently research tools, and contain a small number of design
cases. ArchieTutor builds on our previous efforts and applies what we learned
to teaching architectural design.

References follow:

Goel, A., Kolodner, J., Pearce M., Billington, R., and Zimring,
C., "A Case-Based Tool for Conceptual Design Problem Solving,"
Proceedings of the Third DARPA Workshop on Case-Based Reasoning,
Washington D.C., May 8-10, 1991, pp. 109-120.

Goel, A., Kolodner, J., Pearce, M., and Zimring, C., "An
Experience-Based Approach to Cooperative Design," 1991 AAAI
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Pearce, M., Goel, A., Kolodner, J., Zimring, C., Sentosa, L., and
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Architectural Design," IEEE Expert, 7(5):14-20, October 1992,
IEEE Computer Society Press.

Goel, A., Pearce, M., Malkawi, A., and Liu, K., "A Cross-Domain
Experiment in Case-Based Design Support: ArchieTutor,"
Proceedings of the AAAI-93 Workshop on Case-Based Reasoning,
Washington, D. C., July 1993, pp. 111-117.

If you can't get copies of thes articles, email me and I will see that you get a

Mike Pearce, Galaxy Scientific Corporation
Information Division, Atlanta, GA
<mpearce%[email protected]>

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Subject: ftp: architectural design application
Author: "Basic and applied design (Art and Architecture)"
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Date: 03/17/94 2:43

Dear Networkers,

Can anyone help me locate (approximately) an architectural application (by
ftp) which will allow me to input my requirements, aesthetic tastes and
envirmonmental information regarding the design of a home, in layperson's
terms, and will output design options? Specifically, I would hope it would
take into account such factors as, eg, geographical info, available
materials, climate info, population density, and so on. Is there such a
Send any info privately unless it may be of wide interest.
Please forgive me if this request is not entirely relevant to your list.

Amicably :-),

Michelle Forster
[email protected]
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