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On the 11th of May a reply was written as follows

>Who is Garath Cole and why don't you care for him?
>Who is Harry Seidler and why don't you like him?
>The last 5 postings I've received are queries and are all originating
>from the University in Newcastle, Australia. Is there some class
>requirement to start a string in this list that the rest of us should
>know about or are you people down there just really connected and
>inquisitive all at once?
>I mean nothing malicious, just interested in your questions and why so
>many are coming from one place at once.

I can answer the question as to why there are so many queries coming
from Newcastle edu. A few of us form the Architecture school of
Newcastle are studying the use of electronic mailing and we were asked
to post a question creating a discussion thread. we were then asked to
follow this thread and to see where it lead. This of course completely
relying on the participation of the other group users. The success of
this has varied from one reply to anywhere up to five replies. All up it
has been a very interesting experience using the electronic mailing
system. Regretfully we of the class group are only with the discussion
group for a short time until our on line time runs out. Thankyou all for
your participation and co-operation.

B A R R Y S I S S O N.
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