Re: Has anyone heard of Arcosanti?

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From: [email protected] (MarkTan)
Subject: Re: Has anyone heard of Arcosanti?
Date: 13 May 1994 19:06:05 -0400

Paolo Soleri published many of his ideas in the early seventies - when I was in
school. The most interesting thing about the designs was their resemblance to
organic structures - sort of like muscle on bone. He is building a large
environment in the desert, anticipated to be a large city - I haven't been out
there, but what I have heard is that he looks to student (slave) labor to
accomplish a bit of it each summer.

The spooky thing for me is that his theory hinges on his having total design
control of a whole city - a little like an architectural Ross Perot. Most of
what works nowadays is based on processes that involve all players. You might
put your internship time to better use elsewhere.
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